Being tech savvy isn't optional any more.


Today, it's a keys to success and an essential life skill. The problem is, technology is just as complicated and volatile as it is accessible. You either need to be an expert, or have an expert in your court.  So problems get solved quickly, foreseeable issues get recognized and prevented, and so you can learn how to use technology more effectively in life and at work.

Is that expert a technician?  Probably not.

The days of "fixing" computers are over.  Today you need someone who understands the entire system of devices, software, and Internet services that make up your digital life.  You need a professional who has expert technical training and business acumen. Someone who can expertly harness technology to your advantage.  

There's one more thing.

You need a program and a process designed to keep your system stable and effective, producing great results. No matter how great your system is today, technology keeps changing, and fast. 

This is why Tech Concierge was created.

Tech Concierge is a program that enables you to take on the future without fear that technology will either slow you down or make you fail. It's a program to keep your technology working effectively.  It's designed around your priorities

In fact, it's so effective that service calls to your home simply become unnecessary. You can enjoy service when you want and where you want, from the privacy of your home, office, or anywhere you happen to be.

It's easy to get started:

Step 1: Try us out. Start with any service need, whether it's to address a current problem, get help with a device or software, or to talk about your home or business. We can resolve almost any issue, anywhere in the world, as long as you have a phone and an Internet connection. Request service here.

Step 2: Next, if you want to get proactive about the critical fundamentals, including backup and security, we'll get you set up the right way.

Step 3: Finally, we can keep your technology in order and help you learn how to use it better. We provide Tech Concierge memberships for ongoing and priority service, support and training.

Tech Concierge sets an entirely new standard for service excellence.
Please feel free to try our service first by requesting a one-time service here.

- James Coleman, founder & lead Tech Concierge

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
— Douglas Adams


Tech problems put your life on hold, losing countless hours, and hope things work out. Or you can make a single call and we'll take care of everything for you.

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It's easy. It's surprisingly affordable.
And it's going to save you so much time you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

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